It would be fascinating of we could work out how to apply deliberate practice to self-discipline. Deliberate practice is where you practice something staying aware of (present in) what you’re doing to notice what changes you can make, and how they improve or worsen your performance. Further, good sleep helps cement what we learn in deliberate practice.

I’ve been wondering what could be done to apply the principles of deliberate practice in the workplace. It’s easier for us to measure the improvement in practical skills where the rules are clear (violin, sports, chess etc). It becomes more difficult to clearly measure any improvement in our performance within our careers.

Career Improvement KPI

Maybe deliberate practice of self-discipline is a way to improve our own business or career performance. That would mean that maybe we even can even use self-discipline as a KPI of improvement and performance. That might be a step too far. Or maybe not.

If I improved self-discipline in my own life, then I would:

  • Think more clearly and make better judgements as a result of regular exercise, sleep and meditation.
  • Learn/discover more awesome stuff like this through reflection and journaling.
  • Be emotionally calm, confident and better able to be a consistent, reliable leader, because I’d have the self-discipline to pause to consider before I “react” to a situation.
  • I’d remain healthy and strong through exercise, which then overflows into a feeling of empowerment.
  • I might even be able to train out my fear response so that I don’t worry anymore about what others think of what I’ve done.
  • I’d very definitely be able to make better judgements about money (emotionally calm, non-reactive, confident), and that should lead to making me wealthy(ier).

Workplace Culture

Would it be possible to embed a culture of self-discipline into a workplace culture? If so, what impact would it have on the individuals and the business itself? If I could would out how to make it part of our corporate culture, then the worst case scenario would be that I’ll have had a positive impact on my team’s personal lives, right? The only way I know how to do that right now is to live and lead by example.

“Decide what you would be, and then do what you must.” ~ Seneca

Clear Thinking Quotes - Seneca
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