You will never have to experience defeat if you avoid contests whose outcome is outside your control” ~ Epictetus

Clear Thinking Quotes - Epictetus

Yeah, I like this one, I’ve always preferred competing when my “competition doesn’t know about the competition. It simple means they can’t rub it in my face, and I can’t get disheartened as easily. Essentially I‘m all about competing against myself.

Improving on my own thoughs and actions is something infinitely doable. Winning when I have no control over the other person isn’t in my control. So I try to avoid it. My reference is to turn it into teamwork or cooperation with the other side.

So, I guess where this takes me is – be careful of how you frame the things that are happening in your life. By being aware of, and controlling how you interpret events, you then start invoking the power to control how your day goes.

No matter what happens, it is within my power to turn it to my advantage.” ~ Epictetus

Clear Thinking Quotes - Epictetus

At the moment, I’m considering applying for a part-time leadership role. It’s a role I’ve been interested in for a long time, and last time I applied, I didn’t get past the first hurdle. This time, that first hurdle (the pre-selection stage) isn’t there, so I’ve already improved my performance. I’ve also now got four year’s business ownership experience under my belt, I’ve learned lots (or made lots of mistakes), and I’m more measured in my response to almost anything that happens (thank you, stoicism!)

So, in the competition against myself, I’m winning. That’s what I’ve got control over, and that’s the arena I’m learning to excel in.

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